Hello! Welcome to the online home of Technical Author Services.

I am a Technical Author and Web Designer based in Barnstaple.

Many companies do not have the in-house resources to produce their own documentation. Sometimes, work pressures do not allow staff the time to write it, or they don't have the skills of a Technical Author.

Your product or service can be first class, but do your manuals or documentation have the correct translation, phrases or spelling. Sometimes the translation from your language to English does not read correctly, has this been checked? Do not print your documents until they have been checked and edited.

Do you need Service Manuals or On-line Help Guides?

OK so you have your own Manuals then have them converted into an online Help Guide.

Would you prefer an online Help Guide rather than a print version, but you don't know how to go about it? Please see our Services section.

This is where we have helped dozens of organisations and companies who needed a specialist who can produce professional documentation that looks good, is easy to read, and is thorough enough to cover the application.

I am a degree educated specialist that can take you to the top of the ladder when it comes to great documentation, you can outsource all your documentation needs to me.

I operate on a secure, confidential and easy over the web basis, all you need to do is send your documentation by email to me with your requirements
(MS Word or rich text format files for PC are preferred), I will review the content and provide a quick email quotation for your consideration.

I hope you enjoy my website, why not look at the services I can offer or contact me.